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Riverside International Raceway
Riverside International Raceway (sometimes known as RIV, RIR, or Riverside Raceway) was a race track or road course in Moreno Valley, California. The track was in operation from September 22, 1957, to July 2, 1989. The original course design proved to be dangerous, and it was partially reconfigured in 1969. The track was built to accommodate several different configurations, depending on the type of car and race length. The three options on Riverside Raceway were the long course (3.27 miles (5.26 km)), the short course (2.5 miles (4.0 km)), and the NASCAR (2.62 miles (4.22 km)) course. The original racetrack had a 1.1-mile (1.8 km) backstretch from 1957 to 1968. When the track was redesigned in 1969, Turn 9 was reconfigured with a wider radius and a dogleg approach added to reduce strain on the cars' brakes.
Local :: Moreno Valley, California.
Distancia :: 5.3 km (3.3 mi)
Formato :: Road Course
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Cat Evento Pole Vencedor
Truck at Rivers... # 145- C Marin # 804- A Candido
Riverside # 73- L De Luca # 73- L De Luca
Riverside # 1- F Cabral # 83- R Valadao
Riverside # 2- E Godoi # 2- E Godoi